53-66 Ford Truck

  1. Ford Truck Indash Heat & A/C Defrost System  

    Ford Truck Indash Heat & A/C Defrost System

    Part #CK-3772FD

    Universal Ford truck heat air and defrost system. This system is designed to fit into the truck where the stock heater box normally mounts, the heater box has to be removed. The system will fit against the firewall behind the glove box, the glove box will not have to be altered on most trucks. The vents can be cut into the dash, or can be hung under the dash, this is your choice. The kit can use the factory heater controls, if you do not have the factory controls we can include rotary knob controls.

    Several upgrade options are available.

    Bracket kit will come with a new 3 Groove Crank Pulley or Add-On Pulley. If you don't want the Pulley, choose the option below to not include it. Removal of Pulley from kit will subtract $100 from kit price.

    Please provide us with the year, model and engine information in the space below.

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