Pontiac Complete A/C Kits

Pontiac Complete A/C Kits

Nostalgic AC offers Under Dash and In Dash AC Systems for all Pontiac Vehicles made before 1980 with the 350, 389 or 400 Pontiac Engine. These kits are universal for all Pontiac Models. Please pay attention to the listed dimensions of the included Evaporator to make sure it will fit your Pontiac Model. Several upgrade options are available. All kits are covered by a 1 year warranty.
  1. Pontiac Complete A/C Heat System  

    Pontiac Complete A/C Heat System

    Part #CK-3975IPO

    Pontiac complete universal A/C heat and defrost system. This kit is designed to hide behind the dashboard, using vents in or under the dash. This kit can integrate the factory cable operated controls, or you can use the rotary knob style controls that are included. If you wish to use the factory control panel please see below for more information. The kit will hook up to the factory defrost outlet under the dash, it will also hook into factory vents if your vehicle has them. If you do not have vents, we can include aftermarket vents. The glove box will not interfere with this system, and the firewall will not require any major modification (Firewall will need holes for the hoses).

    Several upgrade options are available.

    Evaporator Dimensions are 18 1/2" wide x 9" deep and 9 1/2" tall.

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  2. Pontiac Underdash A/C System  

    Pontiac Underdash A/C System

    Part #CK-3975UPO

    Complete underdash A/C system for a Pontiac without a console. If your vehicle has a console that meets the bottom of the dash this kit will not work. This kit will mount under the dashboard and add A/C  without altering the factory heater system, or the dashboard. The kit will include a compressor bracket that fits later model 350, 389 and 400 Pontiac engines. The evaporator unit has three rectangle center vents, and two side foot area vents; the unit measures 17" wide x 12" deep x 6" tall, it has a dual fan blower setup with approximately 290 CFM, and 14000 BTU.

    This is a complete A/C system that will include all the parts necessary to add A/C  except the refrigerant to charge it. A radiator fan or a condenser fan may be needed depending on your current setup. The evaporator unit is manufactured by Nostalgic AC Parts in the USA.

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