Universal Complete A/C Kits

Universal Complete A/C Kits

  1. Complete Universal Underdash A/C Kit  

    Complete Universal Underdash A/C Kit for all vehicles

    Part #CK-1001UD

    Complete Universal Underdash A/C kit for all cars. This is a completely custom kit. The options below allow for your choice of Compressor, Condenser Size, Hose Kit, Receiver Drier and Evaporator.

    Kit is complete. Picture is strictly for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the options you choose. Parts and price will vary depending on options picked and engine information. Kit Contents include the following:
    1.) R-134a Hose kit of your choice (Extra drier not included. Only 1 in the kit)
    2.) O-ring Drier of your choice with mounting hardware.
    3.) Condenser size of your choice with condenser mount kit.
    4.) Sanden Style or OEM Sanden Compressor.
    5.) Compressor Bracket of your choice.
    6.) HI / Lo Binary or Trinary Pressure Switch.
    7.) Directions.

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    As low as: $549.99

  2. Universal A/C System - Select an Evaporator  

    Universal A/C System - Select an Evaporator

    Part #CK-1020

    Universal A/C system without an evaporator to use in a vehicle of your choice. This setup includes a universal compressor plate to fabricate a compressor bracket onto an engine. There are engines that do not have compressor brackets available, the plate will give you a starting point to fabricate a bracket. This kit does not include the evaporator, please visit the evaporator units Page to select an evaporator of your choice. Once you add this kit and the evaporator to your cart you will have all the necessary parts to add a/c to a vehicle.
    This kit includes the following:
    R-134a Hose kit (click here to see the hose kit contents)
    O-ring Drier with mount strap
    New Sanden style compressor with clutch assembly, and oil
    Condenser with mounting kit (you choose the size)
    High low pressure switch
    Universal compressor plate bracket with bolt hardware
    The universal compressor mount will not fit any particular application, it will have to be fabricated to fit your engine. If you need longer A/C hoses please let us know in the comment section during checkout.
    This kit will not include the following condensers (there is an upcharge for these parts): 44-2222, 44-1829, 34-1418RC, also not included are the condensers with drier mounted, drier and transmission cooler mounted, and direct bolt in condensers

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