Controls & Motors

Nostalgic AC has the largest inventory of a/c controls and motors.

Many companies sell aftermarket a/c kits.  They are normally retailers selling them for a larger company.  At Nostalgic AC we want our customers to have access to the parts that retailers do not stock.  Our websites are loaded with hard to find parts.  On our site you will find the most popular selection of parts used with aftermarket a/c systems.

Blower switches, blower knobs, thermostats, blower motors , squirrel cages, and heater control accessories are as necessary to aftermarket a/c as any major component.  For this reason we list a wide variety of all these items.  All of the control knobs will work on most rotary blower switches and most rotary thermostats. 

We do not specialize or sell  very many vacuum controlled systems but we stock all the parts to make a system operate.  We also sell the replacement parts for the systems that are sold by our competitors.  If your classic uses vacuum to control the a/c and it is not working our technical assistance staff can assist you anytime by phone or email.

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