Duct Hose & Vents

The products we have listed on the website are what we keep in stock all the time.  We have listed all the information we have available about these parts but if you have any questions please email us. 

The flexible duct hose or vent tube is made of plastic that cannot be used on high temperatures.  This duct hose is specifically designed to be used on automotive a/c systems.   The hose listed on the site is the only hose we sell.  We do not have the in between sizes or the rectangle duct hose that came on some vehicles.  If you have a vent outlet with a 2-3/4" hole and cannot find duct hose we recommend using the 2.5" duct hose and duct taping it to the inside of the vent hose adapter.  There are many different size flexible duct hoses we only carry what is available for the most popular sizes.  All of the vent hose except for the 1.5" has a plastic insert that will allow it to be crushed down a little to fit through tight areas.  The 1.5" flexible duct hose is lined with metal which makes it harder to crush down in tight areas.  If you have an aftermarket a/c system with oval hose adapter the duct hose will fit over it.  The duct hose is capable of making a secure fit to a hose adapter with the assistance of wire ties, or by screwing the hose to the duct hose adapter.

The vents (louvers) we sell are all made of ABS injection molded plastic.  Some vents have a chrome outline or trim for show purposes.  What we have listed on the site is what we keep in inventory for a/c vents.  The vents can be used by mounting them in the dashboard or by using the under dash adapter to mount them under the dashboard.  If you choose to mount a vent in the dashboard and need more measurements please contact us, we have put most of the necessary information on the site.

The UD (under dash) vent panels we sell are made in house by Nostalgic AC, we are always developing new products so if you are interested in a design that is not on the website please ask, it might be available.   The under dash pods are an easy way to add a vent, controls, and any other accessories for the inside of the vehicle.

The defrost outlet we offer is a universal adapter that can be used in any car with minor modifications.  The defrost adapter does include louvers to put on the top of the dashboard to diffuse the airflow.