Mount Kits & Pulleys

There are hundreds of mount kits available for all cars. If you want polished or Chrome serpentine setups click on the March performance link. Please select the categories below to find your particular application.
All brackets use a 7176, 508, or 709 series compressor, unless noted different. We carry a full line of pulleys as well. If you need a mount or pulley that is not listed please Contact Us.

We carry the highest quality pulleys and brackets available!

Nostalgic AC is built on a reputation of having the lowest prices for the best products.  We are not a company that is in the business of making a car look good with chrome or polished products.  "Keeping Your Classics Cool" that is our motto, for this reason we do not have a large selection of pretty brackets.  We only sell what will get the job done on any quality street rod.  We have a very good ally in the street rod world; this ally is Alan Grove Components.  In our opinion the guys at Alan Grove have figured it out.  They make a high quality bracket for a low price.  

The compressor, alternator, and power steering brackets for some Fords, and all Chevy's are manufactured by Alan Grove in the USA, the other brackets we carry are manufactured in Texas.  All the brackets and pulleys we sell are made in the USA and are the best quality available.  We do not specialize in brackets for cars we only sell what our distributors can supply us.  We do carry a very large selection of brackets for compressors but our alternator and power steering assortment is limited to Chevrolet engines. 

Most of our Ford and Chrysler brackets include the belt and necessary pulley to run the a/c compressor, all of our brackets will include the bolt hardware and directions.  If you have an engine in your vehicle that is not listed on our website please contact us for availabililty, we have access to hundreds.

If you have a less popular engine a bracket might have to be fabricated from one of our universal compressor mounts.  We cannot fabricate the bracket for you without having the engine in our shop.  If you need a power steering or alternator bracket that is not listed we will not be much help, we only sell what is on the website.

The GM and Ford engine pulleys we sell are all OE quality pulleys.  The GM pulleys are made by General Motors, they are not generic replicas.  The Ford Pulleys are made by a Foundry in the USA.  These pulleys will be true when they are installed, and will perform just as they are intended to do.  We do stock many different idler pulleys and eccentrics but we do not list them on the website.  Idler pulleys are a great way to tension a belt that is going to be used with a fabricated a/c compressor bracket.  If you would like any information about fabricating a bracket please call or email our technical team.

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