Help Selecting A Kit

This website contains every component needed to add a/c to almost any vehicle. This page will help you select the correct a/c unit for your vehicle, and it will provide a checklist of all the parts needed to purchase a complete kit.

Evaporator selection

When selecting an evaporator you need to know if you want an In-dash or an Under-dash unit. The in dash will require you to remove the old heater box. You will be adding a new heater, and air unit that will also use the defrost outlets if a defrost Y is purchased. An under-dash unit will mount beneath the dash. The units are available with heat, and some will allow for defrost hookup. When selecting an evaporator unit for your vehicle, you should measure the amount of room you have behind or beneath the dash to be sure the unit will fit. If you are unsure you can email us your vehicle specs and we can help you with the evaporator selection. The units will have measurements next to their descriptions. The width is how wide the unit is, from passenger side to the driver side. The height is from top of dash to the floor, and the depth is from the firewall out towards the seat of the car. The evaporator page will give you the rest of the information needed to select an evaporator.

Compressor mount kit selection


To select the correct bracket for your engine you will need to know if the engine is a small block or big block, which side of the engine the alternator is on, and if the engine has a long or short water pump. The simplest way to tell if you have a long or short pump is to look at the engine. Where the pump sits it will either have a gap between the water pump and the timing chain cover or it will not have a gap. If there is a gap, about one inch, it is a long pump. If the pump is up against the timing cover it is short. After figuring out which pump you have, you will need to know which side of the engine the alternator is on. If you have a driver side mount alternator you will need a passenger side compressor mount.

Ford, Dodge, Jeep, and other brackets

These brackets are all straight forward, they are selected by CID and year of the engine

Universal Bracket

The York / universal bracket will be your best bracket if you need to fabricate one for an engine that is not listed. This bracket will serve as a starting point if you do need to fabricate one. We stock many brackets but the manufactures do not make them for most Oldsmobile and Buick engines. We do have some so email us first. This bracket will serve as a starting point if you do need to fabricate one.

Compressor selection

The se-709 compressor is our most popular universal compressor. We will ship this if you do not ask for a se-508 when placing an order. If you need a serpentine setup just let us know on the comment page when ordering.

If you are using a GM compressor you will need a GM adapter to use the hose kit. This item is on the gm compressor backs page, (bottom of compressors page)

A bigger compressor will not enhance the performance of the system.

Condenser Selection

To fit a condenser you are going to measure the maximum height and width of the area in front of the radiator; where you will be mounting the condenser. Keep mind you will have A/C lines on one side or the other. This will ensure you have as much condensing area as possible. The condenser is one of the most critical parts of the A/C system. We do not list them if they are not large enough for the systems we offer. If you would like a larger condenser, it will not hurt the system, just be sure you have enough space for the one you would like to install in your vehicle. If you have a pre-1945 vehicle you may have to use the vertical Street rod condenser. If you do not have room in front of the radiator you can use a remote condenser.


Evaporator unit (if you are using an in-dash please specify which style vents you would like. If defrost is wanted select a defrost Y).

  • Standard O-ring drier
  • Compressor se-709 or 508
  • Hose kit
  • Condenser
  • Compressor mount kit
  • Binary safety switch
  • Evaporator unit

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