Evaporator Units

There are two types of evaporator units In-dash and Under-dash. For information on how to select an evaporator see the help page. Nostalgic AC carries a full line of evaporators. We also manufacture evaporators. If you need an evaporator for a special application please let us know.

Nostalgic AC manufactures evaporators in Ocala Florida.

An evaporator is where the magic of a/c happens.  The evaporator has refrigerant flow through its internals while a blower motor blows air through its external fins.  This is the cold air you feel blowing out of the vents.   Being the evaporator is the central spot for cold air magic there is no excuse for Nostalgic AC not to manufacture this part.

There are two types of evaporators for aftermarket air conditioning systems; indash and underdash.  Underdash units are sometimes referred to as: Knee knockers, hang ons, and hang downs.  Both types of units are available with a/c only, heat and air, and some have defrost and floor provisions.

Under dash evaporator units are the easiest and least expensive to install into a vehicle.  The under dash unit will not work in vehicles that have manual transmissions, or consoles, unless it is mounted under the passenger glove box and air is ducted over to the driver side.  The under dash unit is normally sold as an a/c only product but we do offer the units with heat, and some with defrost.  Since we make these units in house we can customize some units to fit specific needs.   Almost all of the under dash units we sell have the controls and vents mounted in the evaporator housing.  We do make a few evaporator units with remote vents and controls. 

In dash evaporator units are installed behind the dashboard and are almost always out of sight.  The in dash units are designed to hide the majority of the duct hose, and hoses behind the dash with a very small portion of the bottom of the unit visible; similar to that of a new car.  Speaking of new cars most in dash units operate different then a new car's a/c.  The evaporators we sell have the heater and evaporator made all into one unit; newer cars separate the evaporator and heater core with blend doors.  Some of the aftermarket a/c manufactures choose the blend door design but we do not feel it is necessary to spend the extra expense to achieve the same temperature out of the vents.  In dash evaporators require the controls and the vents to be mounted under or in the dash.  We do offer a service to convert the original controls if you wish to make the inside of the vehicle look stock.  You can mail us your control panel and we will retrofit it to control our a/c systems.  As for the vents and controls we let our customers choose the styles, just let us know what items you prefer and they will arrive with your order.

Roof mount and floor evaporators are another option for buses, tractors, big trucks, and other machinery.  These units are very similar to the under dash evaporator units.  They function in the same way but offer much more cooling volume.  These units can be made in 12 or 24 volt and will meet the demand of any hot humid day.

Evaporator units are our business: they are the main product we manufacture.  Every evaporator is made by our staff and tested on our benches.  We are very knowledgeable in the evaporator genre of aftermarket air conditioning and will be happy to speak with customers about manufacturing evaporators to meet their needs.