What you need to know when buying an AC Compressor from Nostalgic AC

Nostalgic AC sells 3 types of Compressors. Sanden, Sanden Style and York.  Below is a brief summary of each:

Sanden Compressors

The Sanden name-brand Compressors are the top of the line Compressors we sell. We offer both the SD508 (SD5H14) and the SD709 (SD7H15) model Compressors. The 508 series Compressors are made at the Sanden facility in the Republic of Singapore and the 709 series Compressors are made in the USA. We recommend the 508 for most applications as they are a more rugged Compressor than the 709. The 709 is perfect for smaller engines and uses less Horsepower than the 508. Each Sanden Compressor comes pre-loaded with SP-15 oil and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Sanden Style Compressors

The Sanden Style Compressors we sell are made in the same fashion as the Sanden name-brand Compressors but aren't as pricey. All Sanden Style Compressors are made in China and are the only Compressor line we carry that is available in Chrome. As with the Sanden name-brand Compressors, we recommend the 709 for the smaller engines which require less Horsepower and the 508 for all other applications. Each Sanden Style Compressor comes pre-loaded with PAG oil and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

York/Tecumseh Compressor

The York/Tecumseh Compressor can be found in many original factory and dealer installed A/C systems in vehicles made from 1958 to the 80's. These Compressors are multi purpose as some of our Customers will use the York Compressor as an Air Compressor to inflate their tires, use air tools, etc. The main drawback of the York is that it requires a large amount of Horsepower to run. The difference between the York and the Tecumseh is the York is Aluminum and the Tecumseh is Cast Iron. The York Compressors we sell are Aluminum and do not come with a Clutch. Our York Compressors are available in Right Hand or Left Hand Suction with Tube-O fittings. We have Rotolock adapters available upon request. Each York Compressor is backed by a 1 year warranty.

For more information about Compressors, please visit our Compressor Information Page: Compressor Information

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