Oil, System Flush, Refrigerant & Switches

We carry all the binary and trinary (safety) switches for the aftermarket kits. As well as the oil to fill all compressors. We do not recommend dye oil, so we do not sell it.

AC refrigerant oil and an a/c pressure switch can be critical!

Oil is oil but not when it comes to air conditioning systems especially aftermarket a/c systems.  The oil used in automotive air conditioning is designed by the manufacture's engineers for their specific products.  There are many different types of oil.  During the R-12 refrigerant day's mineral oil was used, then came R-134a.  During the transition period of R-134a we started using ester oil.  Now we use Pag oil and there is different Pag oil for different a/c compressors.  GM Vehicles use Pag 150, or Pag 100.  Ford, Chrysler, and most imports use Pag 46, as do our systems.  Most Sanden Products use Pag 46, Pag 20 and Pag 15.  The numbers are the different viscosities but do not use any of these types in a hybrid vehicle's a/c system they take their own special oil. 

The most important information about oil that this website can provide is do not use it with any of our a/c systems, or compressors unless a sales member has said to when placing an order.  The compressors we sell are pre-oiled with the correct viscosity and amount of oil for our a/c systems.   Too much oil in a system will cause headaches, and cost money.  Too much oil problems are explained more in the compressor section.  It is also important not to mix different viscosity of oils or different types of oils. 

About High low pressure switches

High low pressure switches are sometimes called binary switches, these pressure switches offer safety to an a/c system.  The binary switch will shut the compressor down if a problem arises on the high side of the system or the low side of the system.  The switch is designed to shut a compressor off before the compressor can run out of oil, or reach too high a head pressure, which causes major heat inside the compressor.  A compressor can reach up to 800 degrees if the system is not shut down when a problem arises. 

A trinary switch is the same as a high low pressure switch that operates the electric fan.  The switch will turn the electric fan on when the system requires it based on the pressure settings.  These switches take the responsibility out of the users hands and allow the system to operate as one through the components of the system.  Trinary pressure switches are used on big trucks and off road equipment most of the time, but have found their way into the classic car world for very obvious reasons.