Sanden Style 505 V-Belt Compressor

Sanden Style 505 V-Belt Compressor

Sanden Style SD7B10 / 7176 Chrome Compressor

Sanden Style SD7B10 / 7176 Chrome Compressor

Sanden 709 Serpentine Pulley

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Brand New Sanden Compressor with a Serpentine Pulley. This is a genuine SD709 (SD7H15) Sanden model# 4711 made at the Sanden facility in the United States. The compressor will come with SP-15 oil already loaded in the Compressor so this Compressor is ready to install straight out of the Box. The output of this compressor is 154CC or 9.36CID. We offer this Compressor to our customers that wish to have a name brand Sanden 709 and is available as a $100 upgrade for any of our customers that order a Complete kit. This Compressor is covered by our 1 Year Warranty.


Detailed information about the Sanden 709 Compressor

Compressor Family:SD7H15 SD7H15
Style: HD
Mount Type: Ear 8 Long
Ear ID: 83.3
Refrigerant: R134A
Displacement: 155.00
Rotation Direction: CW
Oil Qty (cc): 135
Cylinder Head: JD
Port Angle: V
Port Clocking: 12:00
Head Port Style: 3/4X7/8
Rotor Size: 119
Rotor Groove: PV8
Gauge Line
to First Groove:
Gauge Line
to Middle Groove:
Gauge Line
to End Groove:
Coil Voltage: 12
Connector: 1 Wire Male Bullet

The compressors measurements are:

  • Overall length with the clutch: 8"
  • Overall height without fittings: 5"
  • Horizontal mounting ear distance: Inside 3-1/4" outside 4-7/16"
  • The compressor includes vertical O-ring fittings.
  • #8 discharge fitting 3/4"-16 threads
  • #10 suction fitting 7/8"-14 threads

This compressor can be used with R-12 or R-134a.
The difference between a 508 compressor and a 709 compressor are the output and the number of cylinders. A five series compressor has five pistons, a seven series compressor has seven pistons. The seven series compressor has more output (CID / CC).

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